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ESCISSION is made up of a team of highly-qualified professionals whose mission is to formulate, model and solve complex problems, providing organizations with the tools they need to plan for their future, to achieve greater operational efficiency, and, lastly, to thrive in an uncertain world.

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Advanced consultancy

We set up the mathematical formulation for each application in close collaboration with costumers. We may also take into consideration uncertainty, which is more realistic for some applications

Stochastic characterization consultancy

Stochastic characterization of involved processes and development of tools for scenario generation, which are required for the optimization process under uncertainty

SCISSION toolbox and training

We also provide as a product the toolbox SCISSION, which consist of a set of functions so that users can set up and solve their own optimization problems under uncertainty. Customized trainning is also available

The offered and developed products and services provide new possibilities for optimal decision making in uncertain contexts

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Optimization is a branch of mathematics that enables any physical or symbolic system to be planned, operated and modified once its internal rules and final objectives have been defined. Stochastic optimization goes one step further by taking the variability of the input variables and rules into account, in order to answer the following questions:

What is the most appropriate configuration of a system for reaching any given goal when faced with uncertainty?

What are the most appropriate operating rules in a system in which results are maximized, and a set of restrictions on use and risks of failure are fulfilled?

What is the most robust way of expanding a given system under conditions of uncertainty in future operating scenarios?